why hire us


1. Plain and simple..You're too busy cheering.

2. Despite all the money you've spent on equipment and lessons, you don't have any remarkable photos, let alone a custom coffee table book.

3. We photograph girls & boys, all sports, youngsters through college.

4. We follow your athlete, just one athlete, from warm up,through hugs and

handshakes. That's One On One Sports Photography.

5. Have you ever gotten shots like the ones on the right with your camera. Nothing against your camera, it just isn't what's effective on the sidelines.

6. For the last 15 years we've been shooting photos, you've been driving carpool.

7. When there are no more games to go to, you will regret not having photos that capture the heart of your child's athletic experiences (We're not making this up. We've heard it a lot).

8. We get every pivotal moment.

9. It's awfully tough to take a photo that shows a face behind a facemask, but we

know how.

10. Our coffee table books make great graduation gifts, gifts for the seniors on the team, birthday gifts and are great gifts for family and friends.


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